Not-So-Upfront House Alarm Sales Agents

One of the most popular products that’s being sold by salesmen over the last few years is home alarm systems. These sales agents are usually so persuasive that most families end up buying the alarm for a fraction of the cost advertised. What’s not being advertised is the hidden costs associated with the home system. These scams are so pervasive that the FTC has issued an urgent warning about them so this is a real problem.

These salesmen are usually part- time college students looking to earn something over the next few months. They are usually lured in with promises of big commissions and bonuses, and are readily convinced to undergo the training process. Their training usually consists of a script designed to ensure that no homeowner says no to their product.

They then sell the product by advertising it for free, saying that the company is only looking for homeowners willing to have signs put up on their lawn. They might also find an excuse for the homeowner to sign some innocent looking paperwork in the guise of accounting stuff.

What the unsuspecting customer doesn’t know is that they’ve signed up for a monthly subscription with some of the highest rates of any product. The homeowner might not know it, but every month he is billed for an alarm system that he really doesn’t know anything about. The best move for those looking into a good security system is to stay away from these shady salesmen.

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